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Marlene Sanchez is an entrepeneur and CEO of Bam Glam Beauty, in Los Angeles. She was raised in a community known as south central. The community she grew up was composed mainly of minorities and low income household but extremely rich in culture and people constantly wanting to better themselves and the communities like her parents always did. Her parents migrated from Mexico in 1989 in pursuit of providing their children with a better life. Marlene is the oldest out of 4 siblings, she lived in a low income household were her dad worked tirelessly to provide for his family so they wouldn’t lack anything growing up, while her mom had the hardest job a homemaker were her job never ended always caring for them. Marlene has had always been fascinated by the beauty industry, as someone who was constantly bullied for her appearance, make up help her build her self-esteem and feel better about herself.

Marlene teen age years were the toughest for her, her parents were very strict on her. She wasn’t allow to wear make up, straighten her hair, do her eye brows or even shave her legs. In middle school she used to get tease by her class mates for not being groomed like the rest of the girls whose parents allowed them to wear make up or shave their legs or eye brows. As a result, she always felt unpretty and insecure. The constant teasing and name calling like bay raccoon, due to her under eye dark circles, baby teeth, hairy (having excessive hair) led Marlene to feel depressed, constantly sad and extremely insecure. She would get her eyelashes done at the nail shop. This technique was called cluster eyelash extension, similar to the eyelash extension used nowadays, but the glue was very damaging to the natural eyelash. Marlene began to notice that her cousin looked a lot prettier when she installed the lashes for her, so she also did her eyelashes and instantly felt fell in love with the outcome. After a while her real eyelashes started to fall out so she had to stop. Marlene was eager to continue to have the same effect the cluster eyelashes had on her she discover a less damaging method to achieve that look, strip lashes. This was more of a natural look and less harsh on the natural eyelash. She would buy them from the 99 cent's store but never fully liked them since the styles they offer didn’t fulfill the look she wanted. Instead she used to buy 2 pairs and stack them together to make them look fluffy and give them that 3D look. 
In early 2010, She enrolled into a make up academy called Next level studio, were once she completed the course she received a make up artist certificate. During the time of her certification she fell in love more in love with the craft and grew an even bigger admiration for beauty and eyelashes, as she found ways to achieve the perfect look for her eyelashes. After mastering the make up academy Marlene was ready to help woman and men feel their best, she began job hunting but encounter several hurdles along the way. She began to apply at different household retailers, she began to distribute her resume and calling the places and following up but her application was never reviewed. Marlene was eager to land a job at a major retailer she would go personally and give her resume to managers or staff and even show them pictures of her work but once again Marlene seem not to be a fit for these places.
Marlene never gave up despite all her struggles to fit in the beauty industrly world, she began her research she realize her obsession for comics could be the theme of her eyelash brand. She created Bam Glam Beauty that launched early May 2019. At last, Marlene had found her passion and a way to make it work, her costumers would tell her how beautiful they felt wearing her lashes. During this time Marlene's mother was able to defeat cancer and remains in remission. Marlene gives credit to her parents' struggle and every-time she wants to give up this is her inspirational quote: "My goal is to inspire woman to be better and have bigger goals than just acquiring purses and shoes from a man; our generation is so messed up now people only care about appearances and material things." Marleen wants to empower women to just enhance the beauty they already have with her products. Marlene strongly believes that if one door closes, a bigger one will open. Marlene encourages everyone to follow their dreams no matter how ridiculous or crazy they sound. To find out more about entrepreneur Marlene Sanchez, please follow her on instagram at @bamglambeauty or visit her website at